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"I've invested in real estate with Leiter Realty for the last 5 years. David's knowledge of real estate in New York boroughs is proven. And his meticulousness in managing the properties and providing regular reports and feedback to fellow investors is without reproach."
— Anatol Radomy
"Excellent customer service! Leiter Realty Group manages our condo building and we continue to be impressed by the customer service and immediate attention we receive, especially compared to management companies we've experienced in the past. Recently our bathroom had water pouring down from the ceiling due to a leak upstairs (on a Sunday evening no less) and within 20 minutes of calling David, he had a plumber en route to come fix the problem. We really didn't think we would see anyone until Monday morning but David made sure to find a solution and quickly resolved the issue. We were even able to keep our dinner plans with peace of mind he was on top of it (he even texted me with updates!!). We highly recommend the Leiter Realty Group and commend them on their rare and genuine customer service. "
— CB

"I have worked with David Leiter as a tenant, as a Landlord, and also as a buyer of property. David Leiter has come through every time. I met David as a tenant. I was in an unfortunate circumstance of conflict with my Landlord who was selling the building that I lived in. David handles conflict as opportunity and I am forever grateful. He easily made the situation a positive one for all involved. After this, I purchased property through David Leiter Realty and was more than pleased with the deal he negotiated. I was elated ! David Leiter Realty now handles all of my rental units. My lease policies are very strict. I continue to be impressed with the attention to detail and ease that David brings to every task he takes on."
— Matthew Hise
"As the management company representing our building, Leiter Realty has been instrumental in getting our new building up and running. David provided lots of face time and hand-holding to a building of first-time homebuyers who were both new to the process and eager to make all the necessary changes. David was able to help the building save money on operational costs by finding alternatives to current offerings and constantly shopping around for better rates. One of the savings came in the form of an insurance carrier that offered not only better rates, but greater coverage. David also took on the responsibility of dealing with the developer/builder and helping the board in ensuring that all promises made by the developer were kept. I could continue on with more glowing accounts of Leiter Realty Group, but will instead simply say that the board has been very pleased with David's work and respect him greatly. His attentiveness and availability is comforting to those responsible for a buildings well being."
— Jasmin Rodriguez

"Leiter Realty managed a property that I own with partners and they did a tremendous job, not only in keeping expenses down and getting the income up, but his general concern of investment for the people involved. David Leiter himself has a real abundance of knowledge when it comes to management and I highly recommend him. Additionally, Leiter's company sold a coop apartment that I had at the best price in the building with his incite to the volatility of the market at the time right before the market went down. I'm looking forward to any future business opportunities with Leiter Reality.."
— Gary Troy